Correspondent Message

Chavara Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore


Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara – a sage renowned for his spiritual accomplishments, a forerunner in humanitarian services, and a trailblazer in education – in memory of whom Chavara Vidya Bhavan is established, was an insightful educationist and pro-poor visionary from the nineteenth century. His pioneering efforts in starting a school attached to the first CMI monastery in Kerala made it possible to groom children without any trace of social discrimination; his innovative step in starting a process called pidiyari was a sort of crowd-funding to support children from economically backward families; his insistent attempts also made it possible to start a locally made printing press that eventually facilitated the cultivation of reading habit among ordinary people. In all, Saint Chavara’s efforts in education were with integral and inclusive outlook, and, as a result, he could develop a generation that was literate, broad-minded, and generous; he could widen their horizons and enable them to dream of a society that was treading on the path of integral and inclusive approach to life as well.

Chavara Vidya Bhavan, established by the CMI Preshitha Province, Coimbatore, is an effort to appropriate this great legacy of Saint Chavara and to perpetuate the same among the young minds of twenty-first century. As the goal of integral and inclusive society is yet to be fully realized (which will, in all probability, continue to be an eternal aspiration of humanity), with the support of its teachers and parents, Chavara Vidya Bhavan commits itself to a brighter future of all its wards by focusing on discipline, discernment, and decision, and, through them, to build up a nation as well as a society, which deems everyone to be a child of God and cherishes and upholds integral and inclusive outlook towards everyone.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu!

May God bless everyone!

Fr. Saju Chackalackal CMI
Provincial and Correspondent
Chavara Vidya Bhavan