• Exclusive computer labs for Primary, HS and HSS sections.
  • Well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Library with a wide range of books and other media resources.
  • Spacious Auditorium.
  • A common prayer hall for gathering of pupils of different faith traditions.
  • Airy and a green playground for healthy physical development.
  • A kids park for relaxation.
  • Herbarium with a good stock of medicinal plants.
  • Arrangement for Wealth from Waste.



Career Guidance Cell

The aim of Chavara Career Guidance Cell is to assist individuals in achieving their professional goals and also help them plan their career paths.  To this end, experts and achievers in various fields are roped in to share their wisdom to the staff and students.  In collaboration with the Counselling department, students and their parents are involved in an aptitude spotting instrument to kickstart the career-focussed preparations.

Mm Saraswathi is the Coordinator for the CG Cell for 2021-22.

Herbal Garden

Our campus has a life-giving green space named H2H (Herbs To Heal).

There are more than 50 varieties of medicinal plants in this herbal garden, each with a label containing the botanical and vernacular names. The diverse collection facilitates students' exposure to ancient Indian wisdom and provides opportunities for learning. It is of great value to teach children about medicines that are freely available in the nature. It will guide the visitors to recognise the medicinal plants and bring it in use in everyday life. Therefore, it popularises the usefulness of commonly available and frequently used herbal plants to bequeath the traditional knowledge to the younger generation. The garden through its very existence propagates the need for conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants. The Chavara herbal garden initiative is an attempt towards achieving a cleaner, greener and healthier environment in the school campus.

Additionally, this is a way for students to grow herbal gardens at their houses and be a source of support for those around them.

The Counselling desk

The Counselling desk at Chavara plays a pivotal role in providing a supporting hand to the students, their parents and the staff. It tries to create a nurturing environment for the students, where they can express themselves freely. This, in turn, enhances their personal development thereby improving their interpersonal relationships too.

Interact Club Of Chavara Vidya Bhavan

(Asia's largest Interact Club)

This is an exceptional platform for developing inter-personal, leadership, and communication skills. Chavara is writing a new chapter in its proud history.  Interact Club is the school version of Rotary International. The mission of the Interact Club is to develop leadership skills among young people while discovering the power of service above self.  The experience of belonging to an international body and team work for a common cause are some of the key takeaways.  The leadership team for the year 2021-22 is as follows:

Teacher Coordinators: Mrs. Usha, Mrs. Sheela.

Joshua Clifford J (President)

Naveen G.S. (Secretary)

Ritish M.V. (Vice President)

Tharun Vishal V. (Treasurer)

Rithika T. (Chairperson – Meeting)

Shivadarshini S. (Chairperson - Social Media)

Meenakshi Rajesh (Chairperson - International Understanding)

King David J (Chairperson - School & Community Development)

Tony Ezekiel E (Sergeant-at-arms)


Chavara has always aimed for excellence in all its pursuits. Children who show interest and skill in Sports and Field events are encouraged, given training and opportunities to participate in various competitions at District, Zonal, State and National levels. We can proudly say that the last few years saw the results of the extensive training provided to the children by producing District and State Champions. We have National level contenders in various events. Our sports teams always get recognised for their discipline and team work wherever they travel. Making sports and games a part of your everyday life does not just help you to lead a physically healthy life but also to form a well-rounded personality. Players are motivated to do well and excel in other fields of education and co-curricular activities too.

Target Achieved

Team Chavara that represented Coimbatore in the 2nd Junior State Target ball Championship at Vellore was crowned State runners up for their riveting display of teamwork, in an exacting match against the winning team. Divya Sri of G12-C bagged the Best Shooter award for her maximum shoots that prepared the floor for the phenomenal victory. The team’s efforts of beating the odds by keeping the team spirit burning on the grounds were duly acknowledged and appreciated as four champion Chavarites were selected for the nationals.

Rakshan D of G8-A and Joshua Selvan of G6-D acquired a sweeping victory in 5A Side State Level Football Tournament organised by Daksha Sports Academy. Rakshan was awarded the Best Player. He is a champion player with numerous Best Player titles to his name in various State and District level Football Championships.

In the 60th Coimbatore District Junior Athletic Championship – 2021 held on 26-27 November at Nehru Stadium, a marvellous coterie of Chavarites won accolades along with their gold, silver and bronze medals in U-14, U-16 and U-18 categories. Karthikeyan G of G10-B was selected as the Best Athlete in U-16 category boys and Divya Sri V of G12-C was honoured with the Best Athlete award in the U-18 category girls.

Winners’ list

Under-14 Girls:

S.No. Name Grade Event Position
1. Shinee Nithila S 8D Shotput 1st (13.36m)
2. Blessy J 8C

60 mts

Long Jump

1st (8.01 sec)


3. Jenifer Catherina M 8B

60 mts

600 mts




Under-16 Girls:

S.No Name Grade Event Position
1. Mithraa K S 9B

3000 mts Race Walk

Medley Relay



2. Krithika A 8C Medley Relay 3rd


Under-16 Boys:

S.No Name Grade Event Position
1. Karthikeyan G 10B

80m Hurdles

Long Jump

1st (11.04sec)

1st (6.08m)

2. Kavin Raju 9D Medley Relay 3rd


Under-18 girls

S.No Name Grade Event Position
1. Divya Sri V 12C

Long Jump

Triple Jump

Medley Relay

1st (5.27m)

1st (11.70m)


2. Soundarya A 12C Hammer Throw 1st (15.38m)

Library – A Temple of Knowledge

There are two libraries in Chavara that are well organised and brightly-lit, both of which are buzzing centers of creativity, one for KG and primary class students and the other for higher classes.

We have a variety of books of all kinds, themes, and genres such as small story books to large reference books, novels, tales of fiction, journals, and magazines. Our library aims to instil a lifelong love of reading among our students.  Reading books aids in learning and students become more intelligent. The librarian assists students who need assistance with vocabulary, sentences and meanings. Students are encouraged to share information on reading with their parents. By updating our library of books on an annual basis, we ensure that our children keep up with the latest trends in literature, science and technology, and other areas of interest. Adapting to future generations' needs is our library's constant objective.

Apart from the normal library, Chavara Library also boasts of a collection of books specially prepared for those interested in research on the patron of the school – St. Chavara.  It consists of books by and on St. Chavara.  This is aimed to act as a resource centre for those interested to further research on the person and times of St. Chavara.