Online Fee Payment Instructions – For students.

1. Go to the website

2. Login with your username and password. You are advised to change the password during the first login and secure your password.(DEFAULT PASSWORD is- changeme

3. Click on “Fee Payments” link

4. Click on “PAY NOW” button to proceed to pay for the given term and you will be directed to the payment gateway page.

Note: Payment can be done using credit card, debit card, Internet Banking options only. The convenience charges and taxes whatever applicable will be deducted by the payment gateway service provider against the card/account used for transaction.

5. If the payment is success you will get the “Print” option in “Transactions History” tab. You can save that page or print that page for your reference.


If you get transaction status as “failed” after making successful payment and amount is deducted from your account. Do not make another transaction. Wait for 48 hours to know the status of the transaction. Avoid making double payments for the same student.